Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Use Magnetic Goals to Earn More, Work Less, Eliminate Overwhelm

Answer these questions:

* Are you tired of worrying about the financial health of your small business?

* Are you certain you don’t want to get a “real” job but not sure how you will avoid needing one?

* Do you want to feel clear and confident about your decisions every day?

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* Is it time for you to stop struggling, feeling overwhelmed, and spinning your wheels in your small business?

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In this report Cathy reveals how to set and achieve Magnetic Goals and unleash the potential in your small business. Now is the time to have financial freedom and security while you make a difference in the lives of others.

You will learn...

* What Magnetic Goals are and why what you have learned about goal setting doesn’t work

* How to create your own Magnetic Goals that will attract success to you like a magnet

* How to ensure your goals are not basketballs but magnetic gorillas (Cathy explains!)

* How to apply one of her simple Magnetic Goals strategies in less than 2 minutes a day to create amazing financial results in any business, eliminate overwhelm and stress, and do more of what you love.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Power Of Practicing Gratefulness by Josh Hinds

Have you ever noticed that we tend to attract into our life those things which we focus on most? Granted, that's not exactly rocket science, and more then a little obvious. That said, because it is true it only makes sense to give pause and really think about what it is that we want so we can lessen the possibility of ending up with a whole lot of what we don't desire.

Friend, if we want to experience a greater sense of fulfillment we need to really explore the things that we're grateful for. What I'm suggesting is really getting down to the nitty-gritty and looking back on the successes that you and I have experienced at different points in our lives.

The reality is if we're not careful it's very easy to look at our lives and miss out on the many achievements we have experienced. It's incredibly important to acknowledge our accomplishments because that is one of the main things that helps us grow our belief system—the same belief system that will allow us to overcome and conquer any and all future challenges which will come our way.

Here's a simple strategy to get in touch with the things you have to be grateful for:

Take a piece of paper and write down the things that you're thankful for—both past and present. Resist the urge you may have to edit out anything that comes to mind. Just write it down. simply practice free writing—simply write down what comes to mind—your past achievements no matter how menial they may appear in this moment. In reality each and every past accomplishment is incredibly important because in some way its helped to craft you into the amazingly talented person you are.

After you have written down your list of previous accomplishments from your life just read over it. Think back on each of those  positive experiences—reliving them as best as you can. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and to the best of your ability think back on how great you felt for having succeeded in each of the past experiences you wrote down.

Take just a minute to remind yourself that you have everything you need to meet with success in all your current endeavors.

Look back on your list of achievements at the beginning of every day. Doing so can be a powerful source of encouragement and a great way to kick off your day.

Remember...It's your life, LIVE BIG!

Josh Hinds & Andy O'Bryan co-founded AudioMotivation, which includes success sessions with famous motivational speakers, trainers, business experts & best-selling authors.