Saturday, June 30, 2012

Powerful and it's FREE!

My good friend Harrison Klein has done it again.

Announcing the worldwide release of the NEW Masters Gathering 2012 – Instant Transformation!

And I want you there in person to witness and experience it.

Imagine having 20 of the world's most powerful trainers, visionaries, healers and manifestation experts on your own personal mastermind team.

...There to help you see what is possible in your life and transform instantly.

...There to give you the tools to recreate the life you want.

...There to help you become the person you know you can be.

Incredible names like...

• Ann Taylor
• John Assaraf
• Richard Gordon
• Dr. Sue Morter
• Jennifer Hough
• Steve G. Jones
• Kenji Kumara
• Rikka Zimmerman
• Grandmother Parisha
• Debra Poneman
• Morgana Rae
• Mahendra Trivedi
• Jose Ruiz
• Christy Whitman
• David Wolfe
• Kevin Schoeninger
• And more...

Harrison has pulled this together and I feel blessed to let you know about this unique event.

Once you register for this ultimate experience, you'll be getting all the details on these treasure troves and all the other great content including these free bonuses:

• Conversations with Joe Vitale and John Demartini (valued at $147, but yours absolutely free!)

• "Harrison's Consciousness" Newsletter (valued at $29/month, but yours absolutely free!)

• 7 Greatest Mistakes That Keep us From Instant Transformation (free audio recording by Harrison Klein)

Have a look at all of what Harrison is offering you for FREE...

It sure would have helped make things happen easier and faster.

In turbulent times like this, we all need to be looking for positive forces to be around and learn from.

I can honestly say that I wish I had a team like this at my side when I first started on my transformational journey.

It happens right at your own desktop or phone!

You don't have to travel...other than to pick up your phone.


...But not to be ignored.

I am proud of what Harrison has done here and I know you will get the utmost of value in it.

I hope you accept my complimentary invitation to join this series of calls.

The full details are here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can The Brain Change Itself?

Hello, if you think that poor memory, slower thinking, and painful movement are simply a part of getting older, then you might want to think again.

New discoveries in something called neuroplasticity have proven that this is just a myth.

So what are the secrets to keeping your brain young, active and growing? You can find out in a short 5-minute video presentation by Anat Baniel, a pioneer in brain plasticity research.

You will learn:

* a simple technique you can use in just 5 minutes a day to create brain plasticity

* why the brain is responsible for more than just intelligence, it is responsible for how we move as well

* why doing the same brain building activities (like crossword puzzles) will not work over time

* the benefits of walking backwards

And you might be surprised to hear what Anat has to say about abdominal exercises.

If you or a loved one wants to experience more vitality and energy at any age, I strongly recommend you take a look at this no-cost video.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Passion For Success

"Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

There is nothing like enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the fuel of success. It drives one on even when obstacles keep on mounting. It works hand-in-hand with determination.

Have you noticed that you tend to accomplish a task faster if you were enthusiastic about it in the first place and it tends to drag on forever if you just don't "feel it".

A person without enthusiasm lacks the spark that we often see in a go-getter. There is practically no drive and hardly can such a person see opportunities and chances with this frame of mind.

Steven Spielberg was so enthusiastic about making films that one day, when he was 17-years-old, he dressed up in a suit and tie, combed his hair, carried his father's briefcase (which contained nothing but a sandwich and candy bars) and made for Universal Pictures.

He strode past a guard and went into one of the offices. It was an unused office and after some days he bought some plastic nameplates and registered his name in the building directory!

How enthusiastic are we about our jobs? Of course the best way to be enthusiastic about anything is to genuinely enjoy it. Then enthusiasm will flow naturally. Since we all can't dump our present jobs, we can start developing our enthusiasm for them.


(a) By thinking of all the benefits to us—money for traveling, clothes...

(b) By thinking of all those who benefit from our services—directly or indirectly

By doing this we would see some good sides to our jobs which we might never have thought of and we will start to appreciate them more.

(c) Then we should consciously look out for exciting or interesting things about our jobs.

Most of the time people claim to be bored by their jobs. It is simply because they had already closed their minds to the task.

(d) Set targets and deadlines for yourself. You will be surprised how this will make you more effective that even your boss will notice the difference (Who knows you might get a raise!).

(e) Read motivational books and apart from these read autobiographies of successful people in your field. They have a way of inspiring one to achieve success.