Thursday, March 20, 2014

Your comfort zone will be your destruction.

When's the last time you felt the twisting pain of unfulfilled dreams as you walked into work, stared at your bank account statement, or looked in the mirror?

If you're anything like me, you'll know that what hurts even more is being able to visualize the insanely epic stuff you COULD be accomplishing every day...

If only your mind, body and spirit were 'tuned' to their highest potential.

Just look at the world's top thinkers, teachers, life designers and innovators.

The biggest thing separating these people from the rest of us is not talent. Like Stephen King says, "talent is cheaper than salt."

And it's not upbringing either. If it was, somebody explain to me why some of the most successful people come from broke families.

What it really is, is a person's willingness to venture beyond their comfort zone.

Fact is, your own lizard brain is conspiring against your future success.

It wants to feel safe. It doesn't like effort or challenge. It pushes away lucrative new ideas and opportunities, because it's SCARED.

Well today, I have an invitation for you to a superhuman training session and if you don’t click the link and watch this I'll go out on a limb and say maybe, just maybe, your lizard brain is telling you not to.

Maybe the thought of learning about dormant human powers...or space age science...or ancient technologies for achieving peak performance...seems just a little "out there".

Maybe you're reluctant to "waste your time" (all 90+ minutes of it) on topics like chakras, yantras, crop circles, quantum physics, food programming, the pineal gland and sexual transmutation, just in case you might have to change your perception of reality.

Or maybe you've procrastinated because you're too "busy"...even though you know you could just watch this session over your lunch break if you really wanted to.

Whatever your reason, know this: every ounce of wisdom that is shared in this training is the exact tools, knowledge and skills used by many of the world's most successful people, from Branson to Tesla to Napoleon Hill to Jay-friggin-Z.

If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me and its good enough for you :-)

The feedback on this training is phenomenal. So do yourself a favor, tell your lizard brain to shut it, and watch before it gets taken down soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time Management Mistakes: What Not To Do! by Kirstin O'Donovan

We all would like to have more time and it's the one excuse we all use on a regular basis: "I just don't have enough time!"

There are many tips and techniques to improve your time management skills; today we will cover a few of the most important. We will go through the most typical time management mistakes. Avoid some of these common mistakes and you will have more time to do what you want!

1) Lack of clarity regarding what actually needs to be done or how much work the task actually entails. Not being sure of what exactly is expected of you could make you waste a lot of time. You could be performing tasks you don´t have to, or not including tasks and having to repeat the process to include them. Before starting any task, spend a few moments reviewing exactly what it consists of and what the outcome you want is.

2) Attempting to do too much. Do you always say YES? You need to be assertive and not take on more than what you can because you are too scared to say NO! If you know that your schedule is tight and you cannot take on more work, don´t do it! Most of the time we don´t know how to be assertive and say NO, so we suffer the consequences alone.

3) Not planning and doing whatever grabs you next. This makes you unproductive and prevents you from focusing. You always going from one task to the next, often not completing the task or taking much longer to complete it, if you do at all! Again, have a list of things you want to accomplish, once you have finished your list, then you have time to do whatever else you wish, but if you start the other way round, you will be wasting a lot of time going from one task to the next.

4) Underestimating how long tasks take you. This is a big time killer, for example, allocating fifteen minutes to a task where in reality it will take you an hour. Allocating time realistically is essential when planning your day. If you are not sure, keep time logs of estimated time and actual time spent on previous tasks and you will start to develop the habit of estimating tasks effectively.

5) Not being flexible. You cannot plan every minute of the day and you must be open and flexible to change. Emergencies happen, tasks which have not been planned for can suddenly become top priority for the day. Be open and flexible to change, if not, a change in your day could throw you off course; you will lose concentration or become stressed and overwhelmed.

6) Spend time doing unnecessary things that are easy, interesting or fun, but don’t really add value to your project. This could be because you don’t know how to prioritize or you are putting tasks off because of some underlying reasons. If you still find yourself doing this, read again the emails on procrastination and prioritizing. Spending time on tasks that bring us little value but make us feel like we are accomplishing something can be a huge time waster.

7) Keeping everything in your head. This is a typical time waster. Not writing things down leads to you forgetting them and then spending more time doing error correction than on the tasks needed. By keeping everything in your head, you will feel less creative, as you conscious mind keeps preoccupied with the list of things you have to do, and not actually doing the tasks themselves.

8) Not delegating when necessary and trying to do everything yourself. If you can delegate it, do it! You will be amazed by how much extra time you will have when you spend time doing tasks that you need to do alone and not on tasks that other people can help you with. Remember, if you delegate, it´s extremely important to ensure the other person understands fully what the requirements for the task at hand are.

9) Incorrect environment to focus in and too many distractions around. If your desk is a complete mess and you have papers everywhere, files in different folders, etc, then you will spend more time navigating through it than working. Having a clean and tidy environment makes it easier to be productive and gives you a sense of efficiency. Identify the things in your working environment that distract you easily, including colleagues, social networks, etc. Find a way to separate yourself from these when needed.

10) Spending too much time perfecting tasks that should have already been finalized. This is perfectionism and can really stand in our way of productivity when we spend extra time trying to do something better when it will never be better anyway. Stop comparing yourself to others, don´t doubt yourself and get out of the mindset of perfectionism.

The bottom line for today is simple: Identify what wastes most of your time and take corrective actions to improve your time management skills. This way you will accomplish more in less time.

If you are an entrepreneur struggling with time management and organization, you definitely want to see "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Time Management". Remember, if you are not managing your time, you are not managing your business as effectively as you could!

Kirstin O'Donovan is a Your Productivity Coach. Visit Top Results Coaching for all your productivity coaching needs.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

4 Secrets To Banish Self-Doubt

Chances are you believe in others more than you believe in yourself. You're probably the first to encourage a friend to keep going because they have what it takes. But when it comes to encouraging yourself, it's easy to shy away due to self-doubt.

It's not fair to cheat yourself out of opportunities. Having low self-confidence can cause you to lose out on awesome experiences. And you certainly don't want that, do you?

Now is a great time to start focusing on yourself and work on boosting your confidence. And it's surprisingly easy to do.

Follow these steps to boost your confidence and start believing in yourself:

1. Avoid hesitation. Self-doubt is often developed out of hesitation. Do you take a long time to act on an impulse? If you see an opportunity, does it take you a while to go after it? The longer you take to pursue something, the more reasons you'll find for justifying your unsuitability for the opportunity.

* Avoid "sleeping on it" if you can decide right away. For a self-doubter, delaying a response usually means losing the confidence to go after the opportunity.

* Do you think you're not ideal for a new role you've been offered at work? Forget about that for a minute. Focus on the fact that you were actually offered the job for a reason!

2. Challenge negative thinking. It's easy to diminish self-confidence by harboring negative thoughts. But before you accept negative thoughts about yourself as a reality, challenge the thinking.

* Instead of accepting you're not good enough, take a moment to think about the facts. Have there been instances which support your negative thinking? Even if the answer is yes, remind yourself of your many positive experiences as well.

* Beware of thought patterns that can eat away at your self-esteem. Avoid looking at life as "black or white" and live in the grey area sometimes. You may not have one trait or another, but you have the perfect combination of what you need for YOUR life!

* Always be sure to differentiate between feelings and facts. Just because something makes you feel a particular way doesn't mean there's any fact in it.

3. Be kind to yourself. If you are someone who rarely displays self-confidence, you probably give yourself a hard time and consider yourself inadequate or ill-equipped. But when was the last time you were actually kind to yourself?

* Spend some time each day highlighting your positive traits. Remind yourself what makes you beautiful inside and out.

* Celebrate the small successes to help remind yourself that you're actually more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

* Try spending some time with positive people. Their energy rubs off quite easily!

4. Learn to listen to and accept compliments. Most of the time when people say nice things about you, they mean it! Take the time to really hear what positive things are being said about you. Absorb the thought and believe them!

* If someone says you're beautiful, believe them!

* Spend some time listening to the kind things said by others. And remember to say thanks each time. It helps to cement the positive thoughts in your mind.

During the next 30 days, be patient with yourself. Consider each of these tips on a daily basis. Gradually, as with anything else, practicing self-confidence becomes second nature.

In no time, you'll see the world is in the palm of your hand. And you'll hear every opportunity calling your name. Aren't you excited for that time?

Stephanie Mulac is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Author. Subscribe to her self-development newsletter at Infinite Evolution Center.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Learn this skill and earn up to $28,000 more!

Simple Self-confidenceI learned an amazing statistic today.

Research shows people with self-confidence earn from $7000 to $28,000 more a year than those without it.

Wow, self-confidence is such an important quality it actually impacts your bottom line.

Confident people are more successful at work, have happier relationships, and achieve more challenging goals.

Confident people like themselves. They converse easily with others, can express their ideas and needs, and expect good things to happen to them.

But for those who aren’t self-confident, this might not be great news. Are you destined to live with less money, unhealthy relationships, and a compromised life forever?

Fortunately the answer is no. Self-confidence can be learned if you know the skills and techniques involved.

My friend and certified coach Barrie Davenport has created a 30-day self-guided program called Simple Self-Confidence. In this one-of-a-kind online course, Barrie guides you through proven lessons to unlock you from fear and self-doubt and rebuild your innate self-confidence.

I’ve never seen such a thorough, extensive course with so many life-changing tools. Please check it out to see everything she offers. You’re going to love this!