Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dr. Robert Anthony's Teleseminar Recordings: Know How To Be Rich

Dr. Robert Anthony is no stranger within self-development circles. An author of 15 bestsellers, his message is you will experience in your life what you cause yourself, or others, to experience. Not only that, but whatever you cause yourself or others to experience will come back to you multiplied and increased.

Tellman Knudson interviews Dr. Robert Anthony on how you can "re-tune your trance" to change your life. It is important that you listen to this. Points covered include:

* The Law Of Attraction
* The Law Of Cause And Effect
* Flip Switching
* The Power Of Now
* Consciousness
* Your Power To Choose
* The Value Of Certainty
* Discovering Your Purpose
* The Law Of Vibration
* Manifestation

Watch The Secret too. Do yourself a favor. Pay-per-view is only $4.95. Couple this with Dr. Anthony's interview and you already know how the world works.

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