Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your 3-Minute Solution To Cope Your Depression

I'm not a therapist (or professional of any kind). I personally got this information from peak performance coach Tony Robbins, and now I’m passing on to you. What you’ll learn here is absolutely breakthrough information.

No one consciously says, "I'd rather be depressed than happy." But what do depressed people do? We think of depression as a mental state, but it has a very clear, identifiable physiology.

Right now you’re feeling whatever you are feeling right now is related first how you are using your body. Now, I’ll give you a more specific example. If I were to tell you that there is a depressed person behind the door over here, I wonder if you could describe that person physically without seeing him. I bet you could do it, couldn’t you?

What’s his posture like? It's not hard to visualize a person who is depressed. Depressed people often walk around with their eyes down. (They're accessing in a kinesthetic mode and/or talking to themselves about all the things that make them feel depressed.) They drop their shoulders. They take weak, shallow breaths. They do all the things that put their body in a depressed physiology. Are they deciding to be depressed? They sure are. Depression is a result, and it requires very specific body images to create it.

How come you know these things without seeing him? Because you practiced this before haven’t you? We all have experienced it. Now if you do these to your body, you are gonna feel lousy, you are gonna feel depressed. Now if you change the way you use your body, your shoulders are back, you breathe if you use your voice different way, if you move your body with a different temple.

It’s hard to feel depressed in that way. In fact there’s a research studied at the University of California, Berkeley, they tried something different without drugs. They did something sound so stupid. Here’s what they did. They came up with a simple approach that they took people that are clinically depressed, that means they have reached high level of depression. It’s like they get a certification saying that they are clinically depressed. They are achievers at the depression level. That means they practice the pattern of "being depressed" on a regular basis. They had these ‘patients’ come of 4 weeks, stand in front of a mirror and do one silly thing. They ask them to grin from ear to ear and they had made them smile for no good reason for 20 minutes 7 days a week. Now when they are doing it, they grin so big that they created a wrinkle on their side of the eyes. You know those sets of lines that when you smile so big? Interestingly, they kick their shoulders back while they are doing it and breathe fully. They go, “Dump idea!” But what happen is not a single person was able to remain depressed. What most interesting is, at the end of the 20 days, many of them had no need for medications and that’s all they change. What they did is just changing their physiology, the way how they use their body to express their emotion. That’s how powerful it is.

If you stand up straight, if you throw your shoulders back, if you breathe deeply from your chest, if you look upward—if you put yourself in a resourceful physiology, if you put a big smile on your face and say to yourself, "I love my life so much. God, it’s a beautiful day!" Think about the people who love you and care about you. Would you be grateful to them? If you are grateful, you can’t be fearful and hence, you can't be depressed. Try it yourself. Stand up tall, throw your shoulders back, breathe deeply, look up, move your body. See if you can feel depressed in that posture. You'll find that it's almost impossible. Instead, your brain is getting a message from your physiology to be alert and vital and resourceful. And that's what it becomes.

See if you rise up and use your body in a totally different way, you’re gonna feel different. Emotions are created by motions. We have 80 muscles in our face. How many of them are you using? Consciously, are you doing anything to your body so you feel different? Or do you do the same thing over and over so you feel the same thing like when you are feeling depressed? That’s just a few patterns that your body is doing in a regularly basis that you don’t even think about it. And whenever you do it, you are gonna feel it.

In summary, the solution to cure your depression is, not drugs, but:

1. to change the way you move and use your body.
2. to be grateful of what you have and thank those people who love you out loud.
3. to smile.

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