Monday, April 28, 2008

Change Your Life by Gerry Robert

Most people lack direction in their lives. They don't give any time to considering what they really want out of life. They accept what is sent their way. They accept their results as a fact of life. What if things could be different? They can!

Ask any poor senior citizen if they wrote out clear, measurable goals for their lives when they were younger. You can imagine what the answer will be. Now, for contrast, ask a person who reaches the golden years without any financial worries. People who reach this period of life financially fit have probably developed and stuck with a plan which included goal setting.


We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We have an incredible, unlimited resource available to us. It would shock the average person if they knew just how much they could achieve in life if they but tried, if they used what they had available. Because most people do not understand how much potential they have, they limit their aspirations to the level at which they know they can presently achieve.

It is well known that a sudden fright or danger will release every particle of energy to perform incredible feats of strength. A number of years ago, a Los Angeles newspaper published an amazing story of a woman named Francis Avita. She was a frail 100-pound woman who lifted an automobile, the portion of which weighed over 900 pounds, off the head of her brother, and saved his life. Lifting that automobile would have been an incredible feat for even a rugged 200-pound football player, but she summoned up superhuman strength upon the command of her mind.

If you could have anything you wanted in life, what would it be? If you could do anything you wanted, or be whatever you wanted, what would you choose?

Understand this, you can have, do, or be, anything you want.

A colleague, Dr. Lee Pulos, a clinical psychologist and leading authority in the area of the mind, reports that in order for change to occur, there are three basic elements that must be present: Desire, Expectation, and Imagination. Let's look at these elements.

1. Desire

You must want something to change. Desire is the unexpressed possibility of an idea wishing to be expressed. Don't limit your desires to what you think you can have. You must give yourself a chance to dream and to risk.

When an Egyptian shepherd boy was given charge of a flock of sheep, he was told, "The pool on the other side of the hill is for emergency only. Its water is limited, so don't use it unless other sources dry up." An extremely hot spell brought on the emergency, so the boy led his flock to the pool. Although the sheep drank from the pool all day long, the water maintained its original level.

The shepherd investigated the strange situation and made a curious discovery: the pool was fed by an underground stream. As the water was removed from the top of the pool, the underground pressure was activated into streaming upward. In other words, the pool had a constant and limitless source of supply.

A man's desire or mental powers are also limitless. "Then why," comes the logical question, "do the majority of men and women lead such limited lives?" The answer can also be found in the story of the pool: the majority of men and women never really investigate their potentialities.

They wrongly assume that what they presently do is all that they can ever do. They falsely believe that tomorrow must be as unsuccessful as today. So, they sadly accept self-limitation. And as long as people accept limitation, they will not be motivated to discover the great opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Desire is the missing element to open the door to their wealth.

2. Expectation

You must know and expect that what you are doing will work with repetition. Never desire something you don't expect and never expect something you don't desire. A young man who experienced great misfortune confessed that he bought an astrology magazine that morning. It said that there was great danger of an automobile accident, and to be very careful.

The young man said that he was charged with fear, and shook all over when he read it. He didn't want to drive that day, but he had to go to an important audition and the only way to go was by car. He had three accidents that day, injuring one man seriously. He was suffering from shock himself, and also received some contusions and lacerations. His car was badly damaged.

"What I greatly fear has come upon me," Job said in the Bible. His great fear brought on these accidents. He planted seeds of fear in his mind, and harvested the results in his life.

Robert Schuller once asked, "What great thing would you attempt if you knew that you couldn't fail?"

3. Imagination

Create mental movies of your desired goal. It's just as easy to dream for a supermarket as it is for a loaf of bread. Your goals may centre on physical, mental, monetary, or personal growth. You can work with many different goals simultaneously, but you must work through a series of steps in programming each goal for successful attainment.

A number of years ago, in a European nation, an extraordinary event occurred. Scientists were given permission to experiment on a criminal who was sentenced to death.

The criminal was informed that he was to bleed to death. He was placed on a table, with his eyes blindfolded. A small incision was made on his arm, but not deep enough to actually allow blood to flow. A small stream of warm running water was allowed to trickle down his arm into a basin, which he felt and heard distinctly.

The scientists began making remarks on the progress of the bleeding and his growing weakness. They commented on how the man was now approaching death. The man died in a short time, and suffered all the symptoms of a person who had bled to death. His subconscious mind actually created a reality based on false information from his imagination.

Gerry Robert is a bestselling author of "The Millionaire Mindset" and a seminar speaker.

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