Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gain Credibility While Selling

Do you want people to trust you and trust their money in your ideas? Before you gain trust, you have to be viewed as a credible person. Here are a few ways that you can increase your credibility with your prospects during sales calls.

  • Give general benefits - Cite general benefits your company provides that relate to the buyers needs, wants and issues.  Prepare and research the prospect before you communicate with them. When you present the ideas it will show that you were interested in helping the prospect not just making money.
  • Be specific - Give results of how past clients have benefited. Talk specifically about return on investment. Instead of saying that "This product improves efficiency", say "Company XYZ started using this product last year, since then they have $500,000."
  • Suggest similar benefits - If a company is going through the same issues as previous companies, tell them. Since you have already given general benefits and then given specific examples it is logical to tie them together.
  • Don't sell - Focus on the buyer. By knowing the wants, interests and needs of the prospective client, giving specific examples of results, and then connecting them together, you are appealing logically to a client. Make the logical connection and prospect will know you are not just another sales person.

Contributed by Dale Carnegie Training.

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