Monday, November 2, 2009

Discover the power of outrageous goals...

The Secret Of Intentional WealthHave you ever set a goal that you DIDN'T achieve?

When you experience the pain, heartbreak and crushing disappointment of setting an amazing goal you really want to achieve and then NOT achieving it or falling way short, suddenly you find yourself lost...

You doubt yourself, and ask questions like: "Am I asking for too much? Should I lower my expectations?" or "Am I really good enough, talented enough, skilled enough...?"

You get the picture. Have you been there and done that? I sure have.

But what if you had a simple formula that put the power at your fingertips (literally) to set the big, fat goals that you thought you couldn’t achieve, and then cut through your internal resistance to achieving those goals like a hot knife through butter?

Well, I just discovered an amazing solution that will do just that.

One lady has really cracked the code on setting AND achieving massive, outrageous goals…but more importantly, she has a simple technique for smashing right through any resistance to achieving a huge goal.

Margaret Lynch is going to share this technique and more strategies in a FREE 2-part video and the most astounding part is that you can learn this in minutes and be well on your way to claiming and achieving your most outrageous goals today!

I'm willing to bet that you're going to experience a dramatic shift just a few minutes from now after you watch this just as it has an impact on me.

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