Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YOU Are Amazing and YOU Will Succeed, IF... by Richard Bravo

IF ...
You fill your mind, your heart and soul with positivity.

IF ...
You encourage and empower others in their journey—where ever they are going.

And most of all, IF ...
You believe in yourself and shrug the bombardment of negativity surrounding you.

You clicked to read this for a reason. My guess is because deep down inside you're sick of all the negative news and drama. Deep down in your core, your heart, your mind and your soul, you are looking for the truth; a better way.

You want to be loved and accepted.
You want to be successful and happy.
You want to live a purpose filled, fulfilling life.
You want to know that your time here counted for something.
And you want to be part of something meaningful.

You see, there is a war being waged—a war against your mind. And some would have you believe that the only way to succeed is by joining the herd and playing off people's emotions by using negative messages to scare people into taking action. That only way to get people's attention is to foster fear and pain of loss.

But what have you really accomplished by doing that? Have you really helped anyone or simply sold them something? Go for the conversion.

Have you truly helped them find a solution to their problem OR just set them up for repeat purchases.

Do YOU really truly feel fulfilled by fueling fear and inciting negative thoughts in people's psychology?

People do respond to fear and loss and drama and negative news. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc., may draw an audience with fear and negativity. But is that the audience you want to draw into your business and life? Do YOU really aspire to be part of the machine perpetuating it?

What kind of life is that creating? Are you truly happy? Is that the legacy you want to pass on?

There's a great line from the film Gladiator: "What you do in this life echoes in eternity."

How do you want people to remember you?
How do you want people to speak of you when they mention your name?

Don't be the "Me Too" marketer that feeds on negativity. It takes authenticity and courage to be creative, go against the norm and bring something different to the marketplace.

BE ... Inspiring
BE ... Empowering
BE ... Encouraging
BE ... Passionate
BE ... Positive
BE ... Purposeful
BE ... Fulfilling

But most of all, above all else, Love people.

Truly strive to better your fellow man.

The saying is true, it does echo through eternity..."The greatest of these is love." (famous RED LETTERS)

You Are Amazing!
You Have the Power to Succeed!
You Are a Winner!

Live with passion and vigor and love people and you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

If you resonate with this message, Pass It On.

Live Long & Prosper.

Richard Bravo is an artist, writer, outdoorsman and entrepreneur living in the rugged mountainous splendor of North Western Wyoming. Catch up with him on his blog and don't forget to connect with Richard on Facebook and Twitter.


addicted2love said...

So true:) When we think of positivity about things that are happening to us we get positive results. Being open minded and embracing everything in Life makes things easier. Beautiful!

Richard Bravo said...

Glad you liked the article Nelson ... thanks for sharing it!