Friday, January 12, 2007

The Power To Stand Alone by Gerry Robert

"If everyone is going left, I'm going right."

The Inversarian Principle very simply states that you should observe the masses, and do the opposite. In business terms, that means when the masses are buying gold, you should be selling it. When they are buying real estate, you should be selling.

And of course, when the masses are selling, you should be buying. But The Inversarian Principle goes far beyond business. When the masses are going in one direction, you should always go the opposite way. The masses are wrong about wealth. Most of the population is unhealthy, unhappy, and broke. What could you possibly gain by following them?

Most people are like a flock of ducks that are flying across the sky. Very seldom does a duck stop to wonder if the flock is going in the right direction. They just fall into line and follow the flock. Doesn’t it make sense that a duck who follows the flock will end up exactly where the flock is headed? Of course! And when was the last time that you saw one duck change his direction, and take off the opposite way? Not too often.

We must understand, that the reality of the masses quite simply states that the masses will end up broke and dependant on others for their survival. And if we follow the flock, that's where we will end up as well. To break this pattern, we must be like the lone duck who turns in the opposite direction, and heads away from the pack. Sounds difficult doesn’t it? It is! But the rewards will pay off for the rest of your life.

Soon, you will be flying much higher in the sky, and enjoying the life you create and not the one the masses dictate.

This principle is so obvious when you look at the literature or marketing materials of most salespeople. I do a lot of work with estate agents. One thing I constantly harp on is differentiation. Still, this industry, like almost every other, is plagued with sameness. Sameness is one of the fastest ways to loose in selling. Differentiation one of the fastest ways to win.

In real estate, for example, so many agents use the exact same approach. They almost all use the stupid, silly slogan, “Thinking of Buying or Selling? Call me!” Give me a break.You must do things that no one in your industry does. Don’t go to the same conferences as everyone else. For example, if you are selling tractors, go to the Airline Industry trade show. If you are smart, you can pick up all kinds of ideas from that show and win big in selling tractors.

The Winner’s Challenge

You must be an Inversarian. Observe the masses, and do the inverse. We recommend not even consulting others for important matters. By others, we mean other ducks, who don’t have the results you want in life. Sure, you should get advice, but make sure you get advice from the right type of person. The criteria is results.

Why do broke people ask other broke people for opinions or advice on how not to be broke? Heck, if they had any inclination about money, do you think they’d be broke?

Why do people go to sick, overweight doctors who smoke, for medical advice? The last person who can help you to health is an unhealthy doctor. Could you learn anything from a financial planner who is not rich? Ironically, most financial planners are far from wealthy.

Many people live their lives always worrying about what their family and friends think of them. Chances are, they don’t think at all. That’s the problem. They live their lives according to the way they think that their friends and family think that they should live. As soon as someone says, “I’m tired of being average, I want to soar with the eagles,” the masses, the flock of ducks that they are with, will try to drag them down with their meaningless quacking.

Understand this…what anyone thinks of you is none of your business.

At the end of the day, you must answer to yourself. At retirement, you will either have the life that you want for your family, or you will not. Others will have no solution for you at that point.

As you journey higher into the sky to join the eagles, you will find that there are two basic fears that are motivating your friends and family to try to stop you. Your family, in most cases, is motivated with good intent. They are living by the mindset of the masses, and they are not aware of their own inner strength, let alone yours. Their fear of your failure is greater than their excitement about your success.

You must step out of the mould, despite their advice. Often times your friends, on the other hand, have a much more selfish motivation for trying to keep you in the flock. They live by the mindset of the masses as well. They believe that in order to get ahead in life, one is either lucky or a con artist.

The masses also spend their lives blaming others for their failure. It’s the prospect’s fault, it’s the government's fault, it’s the recession, it’s his fault, or it’s her fault. Many failures believe that the reason they are where they are is because of their lack of education, or opportunity. In truth, none of the above could be further from reality.We are responsible for our own lives. We choose our own pathway to walk by the decisions we make every day.

When you tell your friends that you are going to soar with the eagles, and make great things happen in your life, you may find that they are not as excited as you are about your new plans. You see, when you become successful, you will shatter the myth that they live their lives by. You instantly force them to accept responsibility for where they are in their lives, and also for where they are going.

The masses would rather live in their comfort zone. You could be a threat to their whole belief system. So, don’t be surprised if when you shoot for the moon, they shoot at your heart.

Be strong! Overcome the need you might have to gain the opinions and approval of others. When you attempt to change your life, as you are doing now by reading this book, you will force opposition. You have decided to move beyond "just getting by". You want to better yourself.

Gerry Robert is a bestselling author of "The Millionaire Mindset" and a seminar speaker.

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