Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Luck's not random, it favours the prepared.

"THE harder I work the luckier I get."

"Luck frequently visits the prepared mind."

"Luck is the residue of diligence."

Quotations about luck are everywhere. We all yearn for a streak of it, especially if it brings money.

Accidents do happen, but when luck is involved the lucky are not selected at random.

When Columbus courageously set sail in 1492, he was headed for the East Indies, not America. He got lucky. Ditto for Dr Jonas Salk when he discovered the polio vaccine.

What we refer to as luck results from preparation and perspiration. Idle, unprepared minds usually do not recognise opportunity. Neither will a negative mind that automatically goes into reverse when an innovative idea is proposed. The lucky pay their dues.

How can you get lucky? Here are a few thoughts:

Be perpetually inquisitive. Search for truth, for answers to questions that are important to you. Listen while others talk.

Network. Get out of your rut and meet new people doing new things and thinking new thoughts.

Be positive. Cheer for those who try.

Diversify your interests. Join Rotary, or another service club to meet new and interesting people.

Be willing to make mistakes. They are necessary detours on the road to achievement.

Maintain personal stability. Unstable or volatile conditions eat up energy and distract from achievement.

Be deserving. Prepare for success. If you don't, it won't visit. If it does and you are not deserving, it won't stay.

Treat people fairly. They will appreciate it and may become an important future resource.

Do not blame others. Ultimately, your life is in your own hands. The blame game is for losers.

Look for the edge. Do not fall off, but try to find where it is and practise risk-taking in non-threatening ways.

Develop role models. Learn more about those who have achieved the goals you are still reaching for.

Prepare your mind for success. Achievement is like athletics. It requires preparation to win. Read aggressively.

Excerpted from Habits Of Wealth by Bill Byrne, published by The Berkley Publishing Group.

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