Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you ever drunk water from a river?

Silva Life SystemAnyone with outdoor survival experience will tell you the same thing—it's better to drink from further upstream.

Why? Because the closer you get to the source, the less chance there is of contamination, and the higher your chances of drinking pure, clean, uncontaminated water.

Similarly, if you're looking for a rock-solid solution to the financial, emotional, and even health-related uncertainties coming from challenges like the global recession, the best material you can find for complete control over your mind (and wallet) comes from the source—an extraordinary man known as Jose Silva.

Does that name ring a bell? Well it should, because it belongs to the man credited with bringing modern meditation to the West, numerous breakthroughs in mind control, and of course the Silva movement, a million person-strong movement that in its time changed the face of spirituality and personal development as we knew it.

And while Jose passed away in 1999, his daughter Laura Silva has picked up the torch (and over $2 million in cutting-edge scientific research) to present an updated, perfected and optimized version of her father's revolutionary teachings—perfect for the modern person with no time but plenty of issues—financial, mental, spiritual and physical—that need fixing.

The result is the Silva Life System—an incredibly powerful home-study course based on principles used by millions to find true success, contentment and happiness.

Whether you're feeling even the slightest bit stressed, stuck, lost, sick, depressed, or even if you just need a little boost from time to time (and who doesn't?)—this is material that I simply cannot recommend enough.

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