Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a "Who's Who" list at Success Trace.

I've just gotten confirmation that Mark Joyner will also be sharing his wisdom in Success Trace!

If you don't know who's Mark, here are his credentials...

Mark is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of Internet Marketing and is responsible for introducing many of the technologies and tactics you see used on the Internet today (most notably e-books and integration marketing). Mark has also wrote an e-book that was downloaded over 1,000,000 times (when he stopped counting in 1998) and turned his fledgling one-man operation into a multi-million dollar international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country on the planet.

He has wrote many best-selling books including Mind Control Marketing, The Irresistible Offer, The Great Formula and Simpleology, which is also listed in the Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

Hundreds of thousands of people learn from Mark through his personal development program, including a 3-time Olympian.

To name a few, his list of testimonials include gurus like Joseph Sugarman, Brian Tracy, Chet Holmes, Kevin Hogan, Al Ries, Bart Baggett, Dave Lakhani, John Assaraf and Randy Gage.

The only way for you to hear this rare interview is to join the Success Trace Private Membership today so that when Patric interviews Mark in the near future, you'll be notified and won't miss this chance.

The last time we've seen Mark being interviewed by others was in a $1,997 program. And I believe he's very selective towards those who gets to interview him.

Success Trace doesn't cost you thousands or even hundreds. It will cost you less than the price for a cup of coffee.

Mark plays a pivotal part in transforming Patric's life because Patric pays attention to what Mark says, teaches and does. Maybe you'll get NOTHING listening to his interview with Mark. Or perhaps, it'll give you the 'million dollar' idea that will completely transform your life to success that you've never imagine before?

Only you can tell.

When you join Success Trace today, you'll also be accessing his other interviews with other great minds like Ted Nicholas, Bill Bartmann (a billionaire!), Mike Litman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Jerry Clark, Jim Straw, Dr. Joe Rubino, Terri Levine, Christopher Guerriero, John Harricharan and others in months to come.

And when you join now, you will get to access to the archive way back since January 2009 and his $97 best-selling home course for free!

Do you think there's a better for you to spend your $4.95 today?

Get back value worth $332.90 here.

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