Monday, July 27, 2009

Why conflict is your best friend.

I just finished watching a video I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s refreshingly different…and not your typical hyped “Law of Attraction” stuff. Check it out and see how a simple shift in the way you see conflict can change EVERYTHING for you.

“How Can Conflict Get Me My Happy Ending?”

The video comes from Chris Cade, creator of “Inscribe Your Life”. He’s been using story-telling as a path for self-discovery and spiritual growth. His unique approach has changed his life and the lives of those he coaches.

I’ve never seen anyone approach personal development quite like this and I have to say it’s fascinating and exciting. We all love stories! We relish getting lost in Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, George Lucas’ galactic battles, or the magic of Harry Potter.

What if we could use story to get ourselves from where we are now to our own storybook ending…the same way these magnificent authors get their heroes to their happy endings?

Chris Cade shows us how.

Because stories work just like life does: they’re only satisfying when our hero encounters and trumps conflict.

Conflict is what makes a hero—what allows him (or her) to discover who he is and what he’s made of. There’s no happy ending without it.

You can use conflict to achieve YOUR storybook ending as well! It’s only when we run away from it that it can defeat us.

By watching the free video you’ll also receive 2 additional bonuses:

* Another inspirational story video (think Chicken Soup for the Soul)

* A leaked chapter from Chris’ new spiritual writing package, “Inscribe Your Life”, about how to overcome your doubts and fears.

Hope you enjoy them!

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