Monday, November 14, 2011

"World First" Mind Power Research At Giveaway Price + FREE "Mind Surge" E-Book

For nearly 10 years, a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as "leading edge" knowledge, with a few in the "world first" category.

They discovered how to attract luck, how to cure their mind and body while sleeping by pre-programming their dreams, how to attract new partners with their minds...they even found out ways of beating the casinos! Plus MUCH more...

...and now this incredible research is available for a limited time at the lowest price ever. You'll discover revolutionary programs like these:

* The Mindpower Jackpot System - Accept financial windfalls as your right
* The Psychokinetic Problem Solving Program - Produce 'inspired' answers almost at will
* The Amazing Mental Pendulum - Find out the answer to almost any question
* Remote Viewing - See people, places and events in the past, present and future
* plus 19 more incredible reports

When the reports were released they sold for $100 EACH, but you'll get everything for a fraction of their real value (for a limited time).

Not only that, you'll also get 22 cutting edge audios inspired by the research.

Mind Surge

There's even a FREE e-book called "Mind Surge: The Consciousness Revolution" you can download at the site. You'll discover:

* What force is required change your psychic reality into a physical reality
* Plus the complete Dream programming technique revealed for free for the very first time - how to cure your mind and body while sleeping
* How you can heal people across the world with the power of your mind in Remote Influencing (comes with a remote influencing exercise you can try)
* How matter and anti matter create our physical world
* An E-Prime exercise to improve your mental wiring
* And much more

Plus you'll get The Garden of Enlightenment brainwave entrainment audio, a powerful track designed to create a peaceful sense of well being while promoting higher brain functions...

Plus 2 Dream programming audios for free...

Claim your free mind power gifts worth over $100 here. There really is so much life-changing information that you should take a look now before such info becomes more exclusive.

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