Monday, July 30, 2007

Cling FREE!

How often are you angry or frustrated or disappointed by someone’s actions because they aren’t what you want or expect? How often do you operate more from your own agenda rather than what is needed or important for the other person? Worse yet, how often do you get what you want only to discover it wasn’t the best of all possibilities?

Whether it’s the actions we expect our colleagues to take, the recognition we think we deserve, or the careers we want our children to choose, we can save a tremendous amount of energy when we accept that people will not always act as expected or in ways that suit us. This doesn’t mean losing control; it means acknowledging that in most cases we’re not in control and don’t need to be for things to turn out okay.

It’s funny but this seems to describe how I’ve lived life 99% of the time. Sometimes I mistook it for allowing others to walk over me, but I recognize that it truly is a matter of not allowing it to bother me. I simply do not care (in the non-attached sense).

Accept the unpredictable nature of life. Let go of expectations and view the world around you from a new and more spontaneous perspective. Be more flexible and ready to adapt and respond to whatever may come your way with more intelligence, more creativity and more balance. Expect only the unexpected!

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