Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Personal Letter From Marshall Sylver

Dear Friend,

Once upon a time, two people were on the same path through the terrible black forest. One person had no idea where the path was going and was just hoping it ended up some place he wanted to go. The other person knew for certain that this path led to the castle of outrageous fortune, satisfying relationships, and phenomenal. emotional and physical health.

Both encountered many challenges, hardships, real and imagined demons along the way. Even though they both were on the same path they ended up in vastly different places. The one that didn't know where the path was going got frustrated, angry, and many times had doubts about whether he was on the right path. Because he had so many doubts he fought his battles with little enthusiasm or joy. Every setback seemed more severe, every challenge made him lose more belief in himself and what was possible.

The other person had a friend who had already been down the path and lived in the castle. The friend had told him that even though the path was filled with challenges it was worth the journey because the rewards were so great. The friend also gave him insights to learn from the journey and strategies to deal with the challenges as they arose. His friend also taught him how to enjoy the castle when he arrived so that he could live happily ever after.

The first person finally gave up and quit moving on the path. He became afraid of what might lie up ahead. He built a little hut to protect himself as best as possible from the beasts of the forest. After a time he began to believe that it was his destiny to stay in the forest and very soon he lost all ambitions other than those needed to merely survive. He always wondered what would have happened if he had gone just a little further down the path. He wondered if he would have found what he was searching for.

The second person kept meeting the challenges head-on. Each victory made him stronger. Each step on the path excited him more because he knew he was one step closer to his castle. Sure enough, the day arrived when the challenges became simple and he knew no matter what happened he could handle it. He reached the castle, he married the princess, he possessed all the gold, and he lived happily ever after.

Don't you wish you had a friend who could tell you what was at the end of the path? Wouldn't it also be more fun if you knew how to deal with the challenges that came up no matter how large they appeared to be? You do and it will be. Since I was and am just like you I am committed to helping you get more. I started my own journey down the path without the knowledge that there is indeed a castle. I had to learn the hard way what to do when the real and imagined demons arose. Since I have already been down the path and took special notes of the lessons I learned, I will now help you make your journey easier and much more fun.

Even though I know the path leads to a better place I cannot carry you, I can only teach and inspire you. You must take the first step. It is possible to have it all. You are in this very moment, by reading these words, taking the first step. It is with great joy and honor that I share with you these lessons, tools, and insights that will make your journey financially abundant, passionately satisfying, powerfully useful, and spiritually enlightening. The first steps on any path can be the toughest. When you start to experience your victories it will get easier and easier. I am certain that this book will impact your life positively and forever. Like a rocketship that changes its launch angle ever so slightly, you will now end up at a totally different destination.

Since thoughts are things, even just reading this book for fun will program you for success on your path. The language patterns, and the way that this book is formulated, will have massive impact on you forever. Thank you for letting me be the man who helped you get everything that you deserve.

Respectfully powerful,
Marshall Sylver

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