Thursday, July 26, 2007

Energy is the only currency. If you can't turn your energy into cash, it's not worth a plug nickel.

Energy is of prime importance and the driving force of all success and results. In The Science Of Success Learning System, we explore the understanding that everything is comprised of energy. Therefore, the results you do or do not have in your life today are directly correlated to the level of energy you personally can accumulate and maintain.

How frequently have you known a person who has had some amount of success in their life, possibly a good month or even a strong year, only to find that results slip away and cannot be retained? In most cases, this situation is not understood by the individual involved for it seems as if they're doing the same things they did when they achieved the original results... and yet they are getting a very different outcome.

The answer lies at the energetic level...

Let's agree up front that when I speak of energy, I'm not speaking of hyped-up activity. In fact, while there is a time and a place for colossal action, often the insightful will realize the answer lies in the direct opposite.

We've been taught since antiquity that there are two forces at play in our Universe: the active and the receptive, the dynamic and the magnetic, the yang and the yin, the traditional male and female. Western society has been historically action oriented (yang), while Eastern cultures have tended to lean more towards the yin.

As the East becomes more westernized in its activity, it also is experiencing the same difficulties. Energy is maintained through a harmony of yin and yang. Activity is an expenditure of energy and, if overdone, will deplete your reserves. While too much of either is counterproductive, being out of harmony tends to be epidemic in our world.

Intellect is yang...Increasing Spirit is yin.

You may have heard me say before that if you want to increase your currency, you must do three things: collect, condense and escalate your energy. To accomplish this, you must be a master of the delicate harmony between activity and introspection/reflection.

Obviously this is not a popular mentality in our currently male-dominated, active world...

And that's why our entire planet is poised on the brink of a major adjustment.

The true student cuts a heroic trail that the mass population does not understand...Mass mentality is caught up in their "doing," while the student puts her primary focus on "being."

If you can agree that energy is what determines results, then it stands to reason that the more energy you can muster and maintain, the greater your results. Furthermore, energy is just a variation spirit.

Does this mean that the wealthy are all spiritual? Not necessarily. Living in a physical world, the ego (intellectual, yang mind) can power itself to physical results without a full understanding of spiritual cause.

Therefore, choose your teachers and mentors wisely. While someone may have the ego power to collect a certain amount of toys and trinkets on the physical plane, they often don't have a clue regarding the Infinite. Some may be able to tell you how to accumulate a million dollars, yet this by no means qualifies them to teach you how to be truly wealthy.

Likewise, it does stand to reason that the poor are probably not spiritual (filled with energy), even though in many cases, they may claim to be "religious".

The person who said, "Money is the root of all evil," probably didn't have any!

These individuals have totally forgotten their birthright and who they truly are...Abundance (if you missed my message from a few months ago, It Is a Sin to Be Poor, you can check it out on my blog archives. I dive in deep in that message).

Your speed of oscillation will determine the results and the surroundings you attract to your life.

No energy, no cash, no results.

To the degree that you increase your personal velocity through the constant harmony of yang (activity) and yin (inactivity/receptivity), you'll find your environment and your world will change.

Let your intuition be your guide:

  • If you passionately feel that something is right to do, do it passionately. If you are ambivalent or uncertain...wait. Take time each day to be alone and journey inside (yin).
  • Limit, or even better, turn off "the plug-in drug" (a.k.a. the TV). This income- and energy-reducer is transmitting a constant stream of electrons right into your brain that puts you in a trance state and dulls mind and your senses.
  • Avoid the murder, mayhem and sensationalism spouting from the media. Avoid the emotional propaganda designed to keep you in a constant state of fear and disempowerment. It will dull the senses, limit creativity and suggest that we're totally out of control and unable to do anything about it.

  • I'm looking for a few misfits, mavericks and outsiders (according to mechanical-mentality) who are willing to cut their own trail on the Journey of Power. While this seems intense and serious, remember it's a game: it's a game that's seriously playful and playfully serious.

    Be courageous enough to walk the Path of Power. Be courageous enough to take back your power. The first step is to step back.

    Success comes and goes, but significance echoes across eternity.

    To your continued wealth and happiness,

    James Arthur Ray
    James Ray International

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